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Is Quality Assurance a Good Career

Is Quality Assurance a Good Career?

In today’s digital era, everything has come into the realm of technology. As we all know, each digital tool works with software programs. There are applications everywhere on a desktop computer or a smartphone. Sometimes this software comes with defects and errors.

A Quality Assurance Engineer works to identify and prevent these malfunctions and errors. That’s why the rising tech companies precede a rising demand for QA Engineers. Moreover, QA in the IT field is one of the happiest jobs to work in. How’s that so? Let’s find out. Here are the top reasons why Quality Assurance is a good career. 

Competitive Salary

If you’re looking forward to a lucrative profession, QA Engineering would be the best career path for you. As demanding as the profession is, it offers great pay as well. The starting salary of a QA engineer is about $70,000 a year. If an individual holds prior experience, he/she can get up to $100,000 a year. 

As a career in the Quality Assurance sector progresses, the salary increases as well. For instance, an automated QA testing expert can expect to earn $115,000 a year.  

Competitive Salary

Growth Possibilities 

The Quality Assurance career growth possibility is tremendous. There are many avenues a QA Engineer can explore as they climb up the ladder of growth. In today’s time, QA Engineers ensure the quality of software. On top of that, they also manage customer experience and product management. 

Let’s look into some of the career scopes of QA Engineers: 

QA Engineer

The role of Software Tester/QA Engineer is an entry-level position. Anyone with a small or no experience can get into this job role. The job of a QA Engineer is quite versatile. It includes software analysis, defects tracking, and test case documentation. 

QA Analyst

The QA Analyst career path is very lucrative. In just 1 year, your experience will make you eligible as a QA Analyst. In this job role, you are responsible to look for flaws and weaknesses in the software program.

Senior QA Engineer 

An experience of 4 to 5 years in QA Engineering makes one eligible for the job role of Senior QA Engineer. As a prerequisite, the job candidate must have many achievements in strict timelines. and the identification of critical bugs. A Senior QA Engineer conducts test automation, test planning, and team collaboration. 

Test Lead

5 to 6 years of experience makes one eligible for the role of QA Test Lead. A test lead defines test strategy and manages the test team. As a Test Lead, you should work with a team and need to get tasks done. 

Test Manager

A test manager mostly looks after the management aspects. Their job responsibilities include QA process implementation, interviewing candidates, and software risk assessment.  

QA Head

QA Head is the highest position in the Quality Assurance department. After 15+ years of experience in handling multiple teams and projects, one becomes qualified for the QA Head role. The role is a combination of technical and managerial skills. A QA Head manages many projects. Alongside, effective leadership, planning, and management abilities are crucial in these aspects. 

Growth Possibilities

Relatively Easy to Learn 

Before pursuing a QA Engineering career, one has to learn the basics of QA Testing. It is necessary to have a good grasp of test classification, tools, test scripting, etc. 

You can learn this skill by enrolling in the QA Engineering Course. 

The QA Engineering course of Transfotech Academy is reasonable. We have designed our curriculum with theoretical and practical lessons. Join our  QA Engineering Professional Course and become a professional in 16 weeks! 

Tech Companies need QA Engineers 

The demand for a QA Engineer is on the rise with the advancement of technology. All the tech companies are manufacturing innovative software to make human lives easier. That’s why, they try to ensure a smooth and effective functioning of the application. Hence, these IT companies are always on the look for skilled QA Engineers. So, the demand for QA Engineers is quite high in the job market. 

 demand of QA Engineers in it industry

The demand for QA Engineers is immense. In today’s tech-driven industry, software companies need skilled QA Engineers. They cam ensure flawless functioning of applications and software. Undoubtedly, QA Engineering is one of the happiest jobs in the world. It allows a competitive salary and immense career growth possibilities. So if you are figuring out your career, QA Engineering is certainly a good choice.  

Is Quality Assurance a Good Career?


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