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If you’re ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career in QA Engineering, sign up for our training program today.

Quality Assurance Training Online

Boost your IT career with Quality Assurance Online Training

Step into the lucrative sector of QA Engineering. Our QA Engineering course is designed with fundamental skill development programs to prepare you to succeed in the practical world.

Course Overview

The demand of the QA Engineering industry is overgrowing. In this challenging sector, the job candidates often struggle to land in their dream IT job. Transfotech Academy trains, prepares, and guarantees a lucrative QA Engineering Course. The best part is no coding knowledge is mandatory for this. All you need to do is get enrolled in this 4 months QA Engineering course.

Our professionals set a career goal for you and accordingly equips you with theoretical and practical knowledge for fundamental skill development. Moreover, we manage internship opportunities for you with our 100+ staffing partners. Finally, we prepare you for a job interview and ensure a guaranteed job placement to a large-tech company.









Special Benefits of our QA Testing course

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) contains all the class recordings, notes, and assignments along with lectures following a particular class schedule.


Industry leading experts

Our industry experts from top tech companies prepare you with necessary skill development and IT trends so that you can stay one step ahead.

Resume Preparation

Our expert resume coaches prepare a well-structured resume for job candidates, based on an interview preparation session.

Admissions Going On

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career in Quality Assurance, sign up for our training program today.

Job Placement

It’s a challenging job sector of QA Engineering out there. Transfotech Academy identifies your potential and works on it with theoretical and practical lessons. Finally, by the end of our experience our experts give you a guaranteed job placement in a leading tech company with our 100+ staffing partners.

Theoretical and practical knowledge

In this fast-paced sector of QA Engineering, it’s important that you are fully prepared. That’s why our team of IT experts provides theoretical knowledge and software tools.

QA Course Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive internet security training program that covers all aspects of this rapidly growing field, including network security, threat analysis, cryptography, and much more. 

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Different Types of Software in the Market
  • What is Software Quality Assurance/ Testing?
  • Why Software Quality Assurance is important?
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)


  • Requirement Analysis – Waterfall Model
  • Design Analysis – Waterfall Model
  • Test Planning
  • Test Strategy Creation
  • Test Case Writing Using Excel
  • Test Scenario Creation
  • Testing Types
  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Positive Testing
  • Negative Testing
  • Test Design Technique – Boundary
  • Value Analysis
  • Integration Testing
  • End to End Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • UAT Testing
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • User Story Writing
  • Acceptance Criteria of a User Story
  • Agile Framework
  • Best Practice of Agile
  • Agile Tools
  • Kanban Board
  • User Story Creation
  • Acceptance Criteria Writing
  • Importing Test Cases from Excel and Other Sources
  • Test Creation in JIRA/Zephyr
  • Test Set Creation and Test Execution
  • Defect Writing
  • What is Severity in a Defect
  • What is Priority in a Defect
  • Assigning a Defect
  • Defect Status
  • Link Defect to Test Cases – Traceability Matrix
  • Various Framework TDD / BDD
  • DevOps Concept
  • Code Deployment
  • CI/CD Concept – Maven/Jenkins/GitHub
  • Cross-Browser Testing – Selenium Grid / Sauce Lab
  • What is Database?
  • Different Types of Database
  • What is a Table?
  • What is a Column?
  • What is a Row?
  • What is a Record?
  • Introduction of SQL
  • Selecting Records from a Table
  • How to Create a Table
  • Insert Records / Data into a Table
  • Deleting Data from a Table
  • Adding a New Row into a Table
  • Deleting a Row from a Table
  • Using Order by
  • Using Where Condition
  • Using And / Or
  • Alice, Distinct, Like, Wildcards, In-Between
  • Database Schema
  • Primary Key
  • Foreign Key
  • Unique Key
  • Joining Two Tables
  • Left Join and Right Join
  • SQL Aggregated Functions
  • Group By Having
  • How Web Applications Work
  • What is an API (REST vs SOAP)
  • Understanding of HTTP Requests and URL Structure
  • Authorization
  • Postman
  • Crud Functionality
  • GET
  • Path, Query Parameters
  • Status Codes and more
  • API Testing & Example
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Installation
    Eclipse / Java
  • Installation and
  • What is Automation Testing?
  • Advantage of AT and
    Disadvantage of MT
  • Automation Fundamental
  • Why Selenium?
  • Difference Between Selenium 1.0 vs
  • Selenium VS QTP vs Other Tools
  • Installation
  • Variable
  • Data Types
  • Data Operation (Arithmetic &
    Comparison Operation)
  • String Manipulation
  • Static Vs Non-Static
  • Wrapper Class Concept
  • If-Else Condition
  • Looping Concept
  • Array Concept (One-Dimension,
  • ArrayList
  • HashTable
  • HashMap
  • Scanner Concept
  • Constructor Concept
  • OOPS Concept
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Method Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Inheritance
  • Downloading Selenium Jar files
    and Incorporating in the Project
  • Invoke Various Browsers and
    Getting Various Browser Drivers
  • Objects Identification (text field,
    link, button, table) and Selenium
    Scripting on Application
  • Object Locators (Id, Name,
    ClassName, linkText, PartialLinkText,
    Xpath, CSS Selector) & DOM
  • Explanation of
  • Selenium Methods
    Scripting on Training Application
  • Customization of X-path &
    CSS Selector
  • Mouse and Keyboard
    Dynamic Object
  • Identification
    – Find Element and Find Elements
  • Dropdown Box Value Selection
  • Synchronization – Static Wait,
    Implicit and Explicit Wait
  • Handling Alert Popup
  • Various Windows Operation
  • Handling iFrame
  • Working with Calendars and
  • Various Web Elements
  • Cross-Browser Testing – Running
    with Multiple Browsers
  • TestNG Framework
  • Test Results – Results Report to External File
  • TestNG – Assertions
  • TestNG – Annotations
  • TestNG XML – POM
  • Keyword Driven Testing with Excel
  • Data Table Import – Excel Using
    Apache POI Library
  • Maven – Build Management Tool
  • BDD – Behavioral Driven
    Development - Part 1
  • Cucumber Introduction
  • Feature File Writing
  • Step Definition Writing
  • Cucumber Tags
  • Convert TestNG Scripts into Cucumber Framework
  • Assertions
  • BDD – Behavioral Driven
    Development - Part 2
  • Gherkin Scenario Creation
  • Code Version Control – Git
  • GitHub
  • Code Commit to GitHub
  • Push, Pull, Marge, Pull Request
  • Continuous Integration Concept
  • Page Object Model
  • Scenario Outlines
  • Cucumber Data-Driven from Feature File
  • Cucumber Runner Class
  • Jenkins
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Creating Jobs and Pipeline
  • Mobile Testing (Appium) -
  • Cloud Computing (AWS EC2)
    - Discussion
  • Performance Testing
    (BlazeMeter/JMeter) -
  • Web Service / API Testing with
  • Framework Concepts – TDD/BDD
    with Page Object Model (POM)
  • Selenium Grid/Sauce Labs

How we make learning QA Engineering easy

Transform Your Career

Instructor-Led Online Training

Our professional and experienced QA instructors conduct online training on relevant software tools, test cases, test automation, bug detection etc.

Hands-on Labs/Assignments

Our IT coaches follow a hands-on approach to impart engineering training with relevant lab/assignments.

Team Presentation

The interactive team presentation session on respective test cases increases students analytical and communication skills.

Knowledge Assessment

We aim to prepare our students for the competitive QA job sector. Thus, we conduct both theoretical and practical knowledge assessments before they enter into internship programs.

Software/tools Uses in this course

Using software is an integral part of QA Testing. The following are some of the essential software tools our QA Engineering course is concerned with.

  • JIRA
  • SQL
  • Java+Selenium
  • Linux/Unix
  • GitHub

Who Can Eligible for The Course?

  • Students
  • Freelancers
  • Job Seekers
  • Anyone Interested in QA Engineering

Requirements for this Course

  • Secure Internet Connection
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Good English Proficiency
  • Interest in learning
  • Strong Determination

Eligible jobs for QA Engineers

  • QA Analyst
  • Sr. QA Analyst
  • QA Team Coordinator
  • Senior Test Manager
  • Lead Software Testing Specialist

Words from our previous students

Mehwish Altaf
Mehwish Altaf
Read More
My success in the IT career is owed to the quality IT grooming provided by Transfotech Academy. Prior to joining Transfotech Academy, I wasn’t sure about my career path. It was my husband who suggested that I should join Transfotech Academy as it provides hands-on training on IT and guarantees a lucrative job.
Sanjida Alam
Sanjida Alam
Read More
I incredibly enjoyed my learning process here. The interactive group sessions make the learning process more lively and engaging. Moreover, the in-class experiences ponder upon the real-life aspects that we tend to face in the professional realm and job market.
Sam Depue
Sam Depue
Read More
After I completed my theoretical courses, Transfotech Academy settled me for a 1 month internship opportunity and got me involved in the software development team on a complete project. I’d be forever grateful to Transfotech Academy as it helped me transform from an anxious job searcher to a confident QA expert.
Yeldo Kurian Thozuppadan
Yeldo Kurian Thozuppadan
Read More
My experience with Transfotech Academy has been extremely fruitful. I learned a lot about Java and automation. The learning sessions with the instructors were very lively. Fast forward to few months, I got a job at Accenture as a QA Analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions

QA Engineering is a 6 months or 24 weeks long course which will provide you both theoretical knowledge and practical experience about QA Engineering.

You do not require any solid IT knowledge to emerge as a QA tester. All you need is the willingness to start the course within 3-4 months.

To get detailed information regarding QA Engineering course fee, get in touch with us. Our Career Counselor will share all the relevant information regarding course fee.

Share your email address in our inbox. We will share the QA course curriculum via email.

Transfotech Academy is giving excellent quality assurance training online program. The program is designed very efficiently by qualified instructors. We want to teach effective QA engineering to our students so that they can build a successful career in the field of quality assurance. So, join today and be the best in the QA Enginerring realm.

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