Data Analyst Salary

Data Analyst Salary – Facts or Fiction?

In today’s cutting-edge world, the growing amount of data constantly eventuating a rise to a crescendo. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or the CEO of a giant company – data analysts are most essential for any kind of business prosperity. In consequence, people are highly interested to know more about the earning from data analysts and it is in high demand. Well, the following discussion is of an insight into the term.

To be mindful of one thing, however, is that we’ll not be capable to talk the number right away in the beginning. Even so, there are a few certain types of data analysts out there –therefore, we want to, at first, chew over the term itself, and then explore the types of data analysts that you might come across. And of course, in the fullness of the time, we’ll cover the salaries of all kinds of data analysts.


1. Who is a Data Analyst?
2. The Different Types of Data Analysts
2.1. Entry-Level Data Analyst

2.2. Junior Data Analyst
2.3. Senior Data Analyst

3. Data Analyst Salaries
3.1. Entry-Level Salary
3.2. Junior-Level Salary
3.3. Senior Data Analyst Payroll

4. More than a Salary?
5. Conclusions

Who is a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst

A data analyst is a person that seeks to describe the current state of reality for their organizations by translating data into information accessible to the business. They collect, analyze, and report on data to meet business needs. The role includes identifying new sources of data and methods to improve data collection, analysis, and reporting. Why? Well, it’s quite simple.

Imagine that you own a small apparel company. You put out 10 different, wonderful designs for t-shirts. By one month, you turn up your sell sheet and see a vast of distinct numbers, shortcuts, short forms, and so on. Now, one would expect that seeing the numbers of actual sell is sufficient.

Well, things aren’t all that simple. Some numbers represent sales by section, by sex, age, interest, etc. Moreover, if you had put out 5 distinct advertisements for the t-shirts, there’s a total block of numbers there – which ads have better outcomes (had a higher click on rate)? Which one acted up? Why? Is it on account of the promotion itself? Or the platform of the promotion is compromised?

If you help yourself to see, there’s a vast amount of data to be surveyed and comprehend. Right, that moment, data analysts are your best bet – these people (data analytics) take all of these numbers, analyze and segregate them, then provide an explanation for the observed facts to the administration and the rest of the team. With this information, the company can harmonize its operation and provide better products to its customers.

The Different Types of Data Analysts

Data Analyst

Now that you be aware of what a data analyst works for, let’s talk about the three main types of data analysts. On this wise, we cannot begin with the salary, yet knowing alternatives options of the salary, now can we?

Entry-Level Data Analyst

The entry-level data analyst is a person who has involved in the primary level of data analysis nevertheless, mostly doesn’t have any experience in the field.

Entry-level data analysts are typically considered as people who nevertheless don’t comprehend whether or not they are going to stick with this job as a career. This is represented by both their salaries and workload – they are normally taking it as to do some very simple work or entry-level tasks.

Junior Data Analyst

This is the team of data analysts that you’re going to meet the most. It is the hardest team to analyze as well.

Junior data analysts are individuals who have already determined the is a job as the profession route for them. Now all that is left to do is to gather a ton of expertise in the field. These analysts are generally appreciated and recruited by start-up companies – seeing that junior data analyst salary is almost the same as an entry-level one and in this way, both the junior data analyst and company illuminate their knowledge and growth mutually.

Now, when it said that this group is the most challenging to analyze, it is totally opposed the fun. Well, it’s usually due to the fact it’s extraordinarily broad. Sure, there are nearly no specific, agreed-upon tips that would say when an entry-level data analyst will promote to the higher position (junior one/, or a senior). Taking everything into account, for most of the people who are serious about becoming a data analyst, transition from the entry to the junior levels is on a nail.

In a nutshell,

This makes it so that the junior group of data analysts became massive – in turn,  and here to add up the junior analyst salary varied heavily. In a nutshell, a 5 years junior data analyst in the field expect far less than who has been for the previous fifteen years. Makes sense?

Senior Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Finally, the remaining group of data analysts.

Senior data analysts are industry veterans. These individuals are the mainspring of the success of huge, global industries and corporations.

Senior data analysts are typically a juggle of the company. In addition to their foremost job, they would possibly get tasked to emerge as mentors for junior or even entry-level analysts. Furthermore, senior analysts may even take up some freelance work on the aspect – their talent and years of the ride are the best guarantees for any employer.

Data Analyst Salaries

Remember – the numbers mentioned beneath are a contestant change. Don’t take everything at face value!

Entry-Level Salary

Right from the start, as it has already referred, entry-level data analysts make the least amount of money out of these three group professionals. But simply what sum are we talking about here?

According to, the average yearly salaries of entry-level data analysts come out to be around $34,500. It indicates that this kind of data analyst can assume to earn around $2875 per month.

It is quite clear, this is a relatively low-grade US income of around $3700 per month. However, thinking about everything, it’s frankly satisfactory!

Now to keep in mind, the duties that entry-level analysts execute – or, rather, their complexity. If we reflect on consideration on the truth that these professionals are generally tasked with small, very effortless, and totally learning-based assignments, that profits don’t seem all that bad.

Junior-Level Salary

Before we begin discussing the junior data analyst salary, please undermined – this is a big team of professionals that we addressing. This range may provide you a well-known concept of what to expect, however relying on the job market at any given time, it might also sway strongly to both the low or the excessive-end.

The salaries of junior data analysts come to light to be nearly $70,000 per 12 months or $5833 per month. Now, what can we know from this number?

First of all, you can likely see honestly that this quantity is considerably higher than the common profits in the US. What does refer to? As in generous, it refers that there are more skilled junior data analysts than novice ones. In fact, the junior data analyst income is pretty above-average which leads to wondering that companies aren’t paying large quantities of cash to beginners. Which isn’t a terrible aspect in and of itself!

There is a wide-spread acceptance that data analysis is an incredible career to work in, and now not solely due to the fact of the pay. I’ll talk about this a bit similarly later on, however, here is to point out are professional opportunities. This industry has masses of them and constantly thriving. Of course, it relies upon closely on the organization that to pick out to work for, however, the general rule remains one and the same. To warp up, if you put in the work and the effort, your income will thicken.

Senior Data Analyst Payroll

So, we’ve reached the remaining group of data analysts. A senior data analyst’s income is what mostly points out when people discuss about how wonderful the pay is in the data analysis industry. But is it all that good? Or is it inflated speculation? Let’s see.

Glassdoor states that the salaries of a senior data analyst are a bit underneath $107,000 per 12 months or $8916 per month. Looking at this number, it’s likely to secure to say that all of the speculations are true.

However, with all of that said, you should take into account a few key variables. First of all, we are saying about a senior data analyst salary – these individuals have been contributed to the biggest of their lives! They have committed themselves to this profession, so it is solely normal that their salaries replicate that.

Furthermore, as I’ve referred to a bit formerly on, the senior data analyst earnings are additionally closely dependant on the workload and responsibilities. Whether it be curating a small crew or being tasked to deal with some high-profile, secret facts – senior records analysts commonly have a massive load of responsibilities.

More than a Salary?

Accounting to the earlier hint, however, what humans regularly fail to take the course is the range of perks and ensures that data analysts have in their line of work, different than a tremendous salary.

Data analysis is predominant for each small and large business likewise. This simply means that, as soon as you end reading the subject, you are in all likelihood to be approached by a couple of distinctive companies and corporations proposing you a chance to working for them. In this sense, the vying is healthy – you have a broader pool of chances to pick from, and can ask and assume greater pay.

To add to that, as soon as you start working as a data analyst, you are almost assured (granted that you work hard, are an exquisite member of the team, and in no way backing off from learning) a secure data analyst salary, life-long profession course beforehand of you. If there’s a very little threat that data analysis will ever put out to grass, and there’s inevitable room for development – whether or not it be analyzing information or providing it to your colleagues, you can continuously enhance your capabilities and grow, each as an expert and as a person. Rest certain – your earnings will follow.


Every year, it’s turning into extra and extra challenging to select and stick to a unique profession path. With such a massive quantity of specialties and professions to pick out from, it may get puzzling – which profession route is the best? What to study to have a secure attractive salary?

These and many comparable questions plague of young generation every single year. Some human beings choose a profession route and stick with it, others determine to take a break between high school and university to meditate on it. You need to choose and pick out what feels proper to you. However, in any case, study articles and online research is enormously helpful.

Even although data analysis isn’t the area in which you would earn tens of millions of dollars, it has gradually earned its way to the upward. It’s a stable, significant, and time-tested way of securing yourself an outstanding future career. Even though the entry-level data analyst profits would possibly no longer precisely be the dream, it’s nevertheless a true start. If your focal point on gaining knowledge of and perfecting your skills, you won’t even become aware of how quickly your profession will strengthen (thus elevating your salary!).

For winding up our overview of the exclusive salaries that data analysts earn, sincerely hoping that this article answered all of your questions and that you have well proficiency on the topic. If you pick to comply with the data analyst profession path, we’re betting on you!

Data Analyst Salary – Facts or Fiction?


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