How can you make “Bug Bounty Hunting” as a freelance Cyberhacking Career!

Cybersecurity proposes countless professional alternatives but, Bug bounty searching proved to be a tremendous enlargement to this domain. Ethical hackers who discover bugs or protection points on an online platform and expose it to the organization more willingly than exploit it are described as Bug bounty hunters. However, this area is yet occult and brings […]

Why You Learn Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the utility of technologies, procedures and controls to defend systems, networks, programs, gadgets and information from cyber-attacks. Its objectives are to limit the chance of cyberattacks and guard towards the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. Cyber security vs facts security Cyber security is regularly burdened with statistics security. Cyber security […]

Criteria for selecting Top Bug Tracking System

Do you know what the prime task of a QA Engineer is? To identify bugs, obviously! But beyond that, they must record, assign, and track bugs. That’s when you need a top bug tracking system in your QA process to get transparent bug tracking, increased track quality level, and an overview of bugs and advanced analytics to […]