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Mahmuda Karim

This was my 2nd and would have been my last IT training academy I would have went to – if things didnt work out well for me. I have been to usa for 4 years, after working 12 hour shift and barely making any money to survive I came across another IT school which charged me less than Transfotech by $1,000 dollars however I felt I wasted almost 4 months of my life and 4 months of me asking them to help me with job placement.

I came to Transfotech as my last hope to become successful in life. I was not sure if this place would also be like the previous school giving false hope and just caring about money. I am not rich and didnt have the money, they worked with me on a payment plan and started my classes.

The experience was completely different. The instructor Azi knew and helped us like we were his own children. Stayed 1-2 hour more and provided 1on1 online training when needed. But this is not the reason I am giving them 5* – its because they helped me land a job within 2 months.

They have their own Recruitment Dept, which helped me land the job. They worked with me for 2 months, did mock interviews, prepped my resumes, and helped me and now I am not working 12 hour shift, I am not making 22k a year. I have weekends off, a good life and making 100K+ a year with hope for a better life. All thanks to Transfotech.

If you want an Institute that really cares for you, go with transfotech. I wish I had gone with them instead of a cheaper institute. Wish you all success in your career.

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