Complete Guide to QA Engineering [ QA course ]

Our lives have become much quicker and easier in the digital era. With a few clicks, we get our desired information, products, documents, entertainment, and whatnot! All these advancements have been possible with various innovative software and web development. Nevertheless, the software and web development process is a rigorous process that follows planning, implementation, testing, and maintenance. Before an official launch, several testing processes are done to deliver an error-free and smoothly functional software or website. That’s where a QA Engineer is needed. They are not only responsible for identifying software bugs but also for analyzing, generating solutions, and communicating with other team members to solve the defects.

Thus, in today’s world, QA Engineering is a very demanding profession. In this article, we will walk you through a complete QA engineering guide to reflect its prospects and demand in the lucrative IT career.

QA specialist career path in the IT industry

The career path of QA Engineering has gained prominence over the years. Every year, more than 10,000 companies hire QA Engineers, which leaves space for adequate employment opportunities for aspiring QA Engineers. There are currently 287,200 software quality assurance engineers in the United States. Over the next 10 years, the USA is expected to require 31,200 software quality assurance engineers. Hence, the QA job market is expected to grow by 9.3% between 2016 and 2026. So, investing your time, effort, and energy in the QA job sector will surely be worth it.

Now let’s see the career path and growth in the QA sector. If you stay consistent in this path, you can develop skills, competence, and finance. At an entry-level, you will start as a junior QA Engineer. In this role, you will collaboratively with other groups to report and track bugs within software and subsequently resolve the issue. The salaries of Junior Qa Engineers in the US range from $68,822 to $79,837. With 1 to 2 years of experience, you can advance towards QA Analyst, where your main responsibility will be to ensure the final products meet the company standards in the testing and production process. Senior QA Engineers oversee the activities of the quality assurance staff for software and product design companies and earn up to $88973 per year.

Moreover, 5-6 years of work experience will make you eligible to become a QA team coordinator, expanding your horizon to manage and organize your team. Within 14 years, you get promoted to Senior Test Manager. The salaries of Senior QA Engineers in the US range from $45,320 to $187,200.

Apart from that, you can also shift to job roles of Business Analyst and Project Management and explore your leadership and team management ability.

Eligibility of QA Engineering course

QA Engineering is mostly concerned with identifying the errors and bugs in software or websites and formulating plans and solutions to eradicate them by communicating with the team. You do not require any degree or prior IT knowledge to qualify for this QA course at Transfotech Academy.

Why choose Transfotech Academy for a QA course?

That’s a great question! Each company has its distinct strength. We stand out as an IT training institute because of our innovative six-step learning process and a 100% guaranteed job in just 6 months with our connections of more than 100 mid-large size staffing agencies.

The six-step process of transfotech academy accelerates our students’ highest success rate. It starts with setting the best-suited career goal for the students and closely evaluating their circumstances, passion, and potential. Next, the student gets enrolled into an online-based student agreement by signing the Income Share Agreement (ISA). After that, our students receive theoretical knowledge with a special Learning Management System (LMS) containing all the class recordings, notes, and assignments. Upon completion of theoretical learning, we manage a 2-3 weeks long internship program with our 12-15 closely associated mid-size software development firms. Next, we help our students build a well-structured resume for job application, followed by an interview preparation session. Finally, we ensure a 100% job placement service for our students to acquire the best path.

What will you accomplish after completion of the course?

Our students go through distinct interpersonal growth with our QA engineering courses. By the end of our 6-months course, the students will land the best-suited QA job for them. As the QA engineering path is immensely demanding, they can acquire a lucrative salary of up to $100K. Our innovative learning system in theoretical and practical fields prepares them with the competence to detect bug errors and ensure a smooth-running website/software.

Facing QA Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Sitting in front of an interview panel can be nerve-racking. We help our students to break the ice in meeting job interviews. Our team of experts will guide them with possible interview questions, required skills, and the overall presentation in a job interview.

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That’s all about the necessary information that can help you decide about pursuing a career in QA Engineering. If you are seeking a career path that comes with growth, challenges, and lucrative opportunities, QA Engineering can be a great option to ponder upon. QA course is a platform and is mostly a domain-independent job.

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